Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why must people speak?

Speaking is an action all people do, for some reason.  You see I cannot seem to figure it out.  Humans have many other ways of communicating, but for some reason, we still choose to speak, out of our mouths.  These days homo sapiens can communicate with one another through many means, such as texting, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other online methods.  Then there're some physical methods to mention, such as a letter or postcard.  Most, however usually go with speaking.  For many years, I have attempted to understand why humans still choose to physically speak to each other.  I think I may have found an answer or at least a theory.  You see humans like to be lazy.  Some more than others sure, but all the same at least a little laziness is in there.  We as humans try to find an easy way out if it exists. The "easy way out scenario" is something that most would cater to.  That is also why most humans resort to talking to each other.  Talking in my simple opinion a waste of time for the most part.  I am not into speaking to others verbally in case you cannot tell.  If I am going to socialize with someone at all it is going to be the way I am writing this now, typing/writing.  My thoughts go through my head easier this way.  I was never really into socialization anyway.  I feel that life is at its best when one is alone and able to think clearly.  When one is in a group of more than one or two people, I feel thought processes get distorted.  That's why I do most of my thinking and communication alone in a room or outside with a computer of some sort.  Typing out my thoughts is a lot easier than speaking them outloud.  That is, in a nutshell why I believe the spoken word is obsolete.  Next time I will enlighten you on why I feel it is necesary to have faith in the human race, no matter what happens.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Being Yourself

Everyone always says "be yourself".  I for one have been wondering what that really means.  You cannot really be anyone but yourself.  Trying to be anyone but yourself never really works too well because you are not and will never be that person.  I hear  it all the time, "be yourself".  How does one "be himself/herself"?  How does one be?  I am going to attempt answer said questions here and now.  Starting with the first question, let's go about this from a purely realistic standpoint, no philosophy involved at all.  Simply act like you normally would without any drastic personality changes.  Now let's add in some philosophy, and go into our next question to help us answer our first question.  How does one "be"? Philosophically the word "be" alludes to the physical existence of something or someone.  Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the subject for better or for worse, the word "be" means knowledge of the existence and consciousness.  Taking that into account when we try to answer how to be ourselves, we realize that everyone else is trying to do the same.  Everyone tries to be themselves, even if you shouldn't have to try.  I'll explain more in my next post.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back, for now

Hello all.  If you have been a follower of this blog and have been wondering where I've been since October than you can rejoice, I'm back.  I've been having a problem since I left and it would take a hell of a long time to explain everything.  The gist of it is I've been to mental hospitals and taken meds, I have had various therapy sessions as well.  My life is still hell and it won't just stop.  But I'm back and ready to blog all my stupid, random, horrid, and interesting life to you all.  Nothing is off limits to this blog.  I do warn you.  I will describe to you legitimately anything that pops into my brain.  If you can handle that, than proceed and read.  My previous posts will give you a decent idea of what this blog is about.  Please enjoy your reading.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today's rant

So.   Today I have something special.   I'm going to rant for you.  On a subject that bothers me.  That subject is bullying, suicide, and harassment.   I have dealt with all three of those things in my life.   And I'm sick of it.  I am so sick of it.  Yes I have a chronic depression disorder.  Yes I have an extreme mental problem.  I don't need other  people to remind me of that fact.  I have enough damn trouble in my life. There have been points in my life when I didn't want to do anything but die. But im still here. Why? Because of my friends.  My friends have kept me alive. Most of my friends are girls.  That does not mean I'm a player or a pimp.  That means girls are the ones I trust the most.  I purely do not trust most guys.  They're mostly mean and egotistical assholes.  Girls understand me and my troubles.  I don't have any siblings to confide in.  I won't lie, sometimes I don't trust my parents.  My friends are my sisters.   I treat them that way.  I protect them with my life. I've been bullied to no end.  Most people will not talk to me for various reasons.   I am not a social person.   I do not like being forced to talk.  If i dont wanna talk to you STFU.  I also despise the way guys treat girls these days.  Girls are angels to be treasured.   Not toys to be played with and put down at your leisure. 
  Sorry if I put anybody in a bad mood or offended anyone.  But I needed to get that out of my system. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

I found this today


Please go to this link.  It will tell you about the problems I'm afflicted by

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Klipsch s4i review

Today is a fairly special post on a special product.  Yes I am doing a review.  On earphones.  The photo above is of the cheap and amazing Klipsch S4.  They are audiophile class earphones retailing for 100 dollars.  To start off the build quality I find to be a little more than average.  The driver housings are made from a sturdy plastic, but the cord while fairly tangle free is flat.  The microphonics displayed are terrible.  To remedy this wrapping the earphones around the ear is advised.  The sound quality is gracefully amazing.  Note this is not a neutral headphone.  The package says right on it, "enhanced base".  Even with that stated though, no frequency is overstated.  I for one like a neutral headphone, but for those who like a lot of dubstep or rap will rejoice.  I am quite the bass head at times so I use these for when I want that extra punch.  The overall performance of these earphones is great.  Listening to Tommy by The Who is a joy.  The subtle tones of a piano, the low bass tones, Robert Daughtry's vocals.  It all sounds simply sublime.  
Comfort is acceptable and the included ear tips do a decent job at creating a seal, which is essential. The silicone tips are higher grade than what you might find in lesser earphones and the dual flange tips work well.
When it comes down to it if you are looking for a great sounding earphone for the price than the s4i is for you.

*update* Now that I have had more than a year with these earphones I can say the above is not truly the case.  It will be if you are upgrading from stock earbuds, but if you are like me and have had your share of professional and audiophile grade gear than you will notice this earphone's shortcomings.  The enhanced bass is prominent and can make things muddy.  Mids and highs are most definitely there but it is not ideal.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


The world is only about its players.  This is something I have learned very recently that I shall never forget, no I shall not.  I dare say my life is not what it should be.  But on the other hand it could easily be.  If I knew what and where and maybe even who.  The consequences for my actions always disappoint.  Nothing I do seems to go right.  Wrong and right.  Two things I know very much about, yet still too little to tell one about the subject. My statement revolves around my main theory of human response.  To which all living humans respond to any situation in essentially the same way, but in many different factors and patterns.  No one man or woman knows the outcome of a situation until it happens or doesn't indeed happen.

Take the animals above for instance.  Butterflies resting on a tree and a turtle gracefully swimming in the ocean.  In both situations above if a living human passer by were to see these events happening at such a peaceful state he or she may react in the same way, calmly.  Yet two more may come and destroy these scenes of grace and beauty.