Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Klipsch s4i review

Today is a fairly special post on a special product.  Yes I am doing a review.  On earphones.  The photo above is of the cheap and amazing Klipsch S4.  They are audiophile class earphones retailing for 100 dollars.  To start off the build quality I find to be a little more than average.  The driver housings are made from a sturdy plastic, but the cord while fairly tangle free is flat.  The microphonics displayed are terrible.  To remedy this wrapping the earphones around the ear is advised.  The sound quality is gracefully amazing.  Note this is not a neutral headphone.  The package says right on it, "enhanced base".  Even with that stated though, no frequency is overstated.  I for one like a neutral headphone, but for those who like a lot of dubstep or rap will rejoice.  I am quite the bass head at times so I use these for when I want that extra punch.  The overall performance of these earphones is great.  Listening to Tommy by The Who is a joy.  The subtle tones of a piano, the low bass tones, Robert Daughtry's vocals.  It all sounds simply sublime.  
Comfort is acceptable and the included ear tips do a decent job at creating a seal, which is essential. The silicone tips are higher grade than what you might find in lesser earphones and the dual flange tips work well.
When it comes down to it if you are looking for a great sounding earphone for the price than the s4i is for you.

*update* Now that I have had more than a year with these earphones I can say the above is not truly the case.  It will be if you are upgrading from stock earbuds, but if you are like me and have had your share of professional and audiophile grade gear than you will notice this earphone's shortcomings.  The enhanced bass is prominent and can make things muddy.  Mids and highs are most definitely there but it is not ideal.

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