Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The theory

The waits over.  So I told you I had a theory on emotions.  Before it was more just ideas inside my over bloated head.  Now its more of what you may call a real theory.  You see a lot of people meet others.  Sometimes yah get that feeling.  Like "hey she's different". Whether or not that difference is a good or bad thing doesn't matter.  My theory is that maybe your brain doesn't know what emotions are.  Maybe your brain doesn't distinguish between love and hate or good and bad.  Maybe it just says to itself," hey this is feeling and now I'm passing it onto the body to deal with".  Your brain doesn't want to deal with emotions so it sends them off for your body to figure out.  When your body doesn't know what to do it sends the emotion back to the brain.  That's why people get confused.  I don't know if this made sense to anyone.  But I needed to get that out.  Enjoy my needless rambling!

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