Saturday, August 17, 2013


The world is only about its players.  This is something I have learned very recently that I shall never forget, no I shall not.  I dare say my life is not what it should be.  But on the other hand it could easily be.  If I knew what and where and maybe even who.  The consequences for my actions always disappoint.  Nothing I do seems to go right.  Wrong and right.  Two things I know very much about, yet still too little to tell one about the subject. My statement revolves around my main theory of human response.  To which all living humans respond to any situation in essentially the same way, but in many different factors and patterns.  No one man or woman knows the outcome of a situation until it happens or doesn't indeed happen.

Take the animals above for instance.  Butterflies resting on a tree and a turtle gracefully swimming in the ocean.  In both situations above if a living human passer by were to see these events happening at such a peaceful state he or she may react in the same way, calmly.  Yet two more may come and destroy these scenes of grace and beauty.

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